At Voicecom Technologies, we primarily use WordPress as a platform for our website development. We highly recommend it to our clients for their websites and blogs, and we are regularly asked if we can convert static sites to something that the average person can make changes to – simply and quickly. There are endless tutorials on the net about WordPress, how-tos on installation, moving hosts, backing up, SEO integration, e-commerce, the list goes on and on as the product is very powerful. When you have worked with WordPress for a while you get to know the nuts and bolts pretty well but trying to explain the basics to a client or an associate can be quite difficult, especially if they have no prior web experience, so a person wanting a website would need to know the basics like:

  • How to set up a host – the host is a computer that your website is installed on
  • How to set up a domain name – the domain name is usually the web address of your site,
  • How to set up redirects for mail and DNS – you may have email accounts as part of your domain so john who works at mysite may have the email address He may also have other email addresses that you want redirected to your new domain, for instance if John had a email address then he could redirect that to the new domain. DNS is the mechanism for computers to find each other on the internet by name
  • How to publish your website to the host – a method of file transfer
  • How to access and maintain your website – an administration panel
  • How to get the best value from your website

We organise and implement all of the above for our clients as part of establishing their web presence.

We also provide basic training for clients to maintain their own sites.

This manual is based around core WordPress functions.
Features provided by any third-party plugins that your website may be running will not be covered. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions along these lines.

WordPress Basics Introduction: Getting Started

One of the best examples of WordPress basics was the following sourced from The Site Bakery by Ben Whitaker.

Getting Started with WordPress can be fun and empowering, but for some it can be overwhelming at the same time. This post is for the benefit of companies and individuals who are not programmers. They haven’t “installed” WordPress. In fact, WordPress is likely a brand new name. If you are reading this you are likely going off of the expertise of someone else (it could even be me) just hoping that this new CMS wonder tool is as easy as you’ve been told. You don’t know what HTML is, nor do you really even care. You just know that you need a website, you need content on it, and that this WordPress thing is supposed to help you get there. My hope is that this small series will help beginners get comfortable with WordPress and that they can make it a fun part of their business rather than see it as the neglected chore that is always the last on a long list of things to do.

The WordPress Basics Introduction series is created in reference to version 3.1. This first post will cover the basics for the logging in and also provide an introduction to the administrative panel. We also included some entry terminology and definition of the layout you will find once you successfully get into the WordPress administrative panel. You might be interested to read some of the documentation by WordPress here for beginners as well.

PAGE 2 – Logging Into WordPress, and Introducing the Backend and Admin Bar
PAGE 3 – Discover the Dashboard
PAGE 4 – Posts and Pages
PAGE 5 – Blog Posts
PAGE 6 – Media and Images