Here at Voicecom, we can use forms to make your website do all kinds of things. Below, we have complied a few simple demos intended to give you an idea of how your site can function. You should be able to test out our demos by adding data to them – just keep an eye out for the “Add New” button on each demo page.

If you want to extend your website with additional functionality, please contact us to discuss. We will be able to give you a more accurate quote if we have as many details as possible about what you require.

All forms can send email notifications to the website owner, save entries to database, are search-capable, and more.

And, because Voicecom’s custom-made websites are now mobile friendly, these translate well into mobile phone apps.

Please note: these extensions are only available for WordPress website developments.

More scenarios will be added as we think of them!
If you’d like to suggest something that we could put into demo and include on this page, please contact us.