Voicecom Telephony

In New Zealand the legacy copper based voice network (PSTN) is slowly being phased out as more and more services are being delivered over the new Fibre Optic networks. IP based voice services (VoIP) are the way forward and some corporate business’s and SME’s have been using IP based Telephony for quite some time so the technology is not new.

Whether your company should have a “box” on the wall or an application running on your local server that your handsets connect to or you just connect those same handsets to a server based in a data centre somewhere will really just come down to how you run your business. 

Some Cloud providers will supply a phone, a dedicated phone number (DDI) and a calling plan, with so many minutes, for a monthly cost. For a small business with only a few desk phones this is a no brainer. For a business that has a lot of staff and phones this model may be a little costly and a Cloud based PBX where everyone has their own extension and shares the companies external voice lines may be a better option.

At the end of the day once you upgrade your legacy copper lines to VoIP, the ITSP that then provides you with the “dial tone” is basically a cloud provider anyway so you are already using the cloud.

The on premise PBX days are numbered and will eventually go the same way of the residential landline here in New Zealand.

Based on Open Source technology our multi-tenant Cloud PBX has no hardware limitations, no ongoing licensing, uses open platform standards like SIP and can be integrated into existing legacy platforms. Voicecom PBX is also available on-premise. 

As it’s open-platform, it can be configured with your choice of IP phones, SIP trunks and gateways and can be installed on an existing server or in your own cloud account, allowing for significant cost savings whichever way you choose to go.

The monthly, pay per user model some Cloud PBX vendors use is okay in some scenarios and may suit a lot of businesses but for some SME’s or schools, those costs can add up quite quickly. 

Being tied to your computer’s soft phone and headset can be a real pain unless you work in a call centre and for a lot of small businesses they just need a desk phone or cordless that rings when someone wants to talk to them or they can pick it up and make a call.

Having a soft phone application on your smartphone can be great for technophiles but some users find the additional technology confusing and when it doesn’t work properly, just frustrating.

We like to keep things simple by providing easy to use handsets, have as many extensions as you need and just pay as you go calling plans.

We support what we sell and can cater a solution to suit you’re business.

No matter how big or small your company is, the right Unified Communications solution can take your business communications to the next level, helping to improve:

  • Collaboration
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase mobility
  • Enhance the customer experience.

Unified Communications functionality is inbuilt and included as standard, on-premise or in the cloud with popular providers such as Google, Amazon and OVH.

Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous calls with unlimited extensions.

As it’s open-platform it can be configured with your choice of IP phones, SIP trunks and gateways.

If you want UC this is a great solution. A free version is currently available for a year. We recommend the PRO and Enterprise licensing options for  most businesses.


Take collaboration and productivity to new levels.

Avaya Intelligent Xperiences Workplace gives your employees a single app for calling, messaging, meetings, and team collaboration—all with the same ease of use they get from their personal apps.

As you cut the complexity, you’ll reduce the security risks and productivity drain from having multiple solutions in your workplace.

Your team is better connected and more responsive, becoming stronger customer advocates, and driving loyalty with your brand.

Avaya is a leader in Unified Communications solutions and can deliver it the way you need it—on premise or private, public, or hybrid cloud.

We provide the following services:

  • Number Porting

We port your number to our network and integrate it with our Cloud PBX or an On-Premise solution.

  • VoIP numbers

We have new local, New Zealand voice numbers and some International numbers available or we can port your current numbers to our network.

  • 0800 Numbers

We have new 0800 or 0508 voice and fax numbers available or we can port your current freephone numbers to our network.

  • Fax to Email
Don’t want to replace your fax machine or tired of paying for a fax line you don’t use anymore ? We have new fax numbers available or we can port your existing fax number and get the faxes delivered to you’re email address. You can also send faxes from your email client.
Voicecom Technologies installed and maintain both our VOIP telecommunications systems for both Stormline and GMDesigns. We have always enjoyed a very high level of service and extremely quick responses to any issues that have arisen from both Peter and Jim, we now value their friendship as co-workers essential to our business. The new phone system that Jim recommended and installed has been a huge improvement over our old phone system, making it easier for our clients to reach the designer they are after, while reducing our telecommunication costs. Their dedication to the smooth running of our business makes Voicecom the easy choice with multiple phone lines through a NZ VoIP carrier for national and international calls to our offices based here in New Zealand and the UK.
Adam Kennedy
GM Designs