VoIP Security

VoIP Security issues you need to be aware of before considering VoIP By Jim Carroll Times used to be simpler when phone lines were just that, but today there are more and more companies in the Southland/Otago regions moving to the more complicated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system for their phone lines. This is in part due to advances […]

Local Technology, Nationwide

Local Technology, Nationwide

Local Technology, Nationwide Big-business quality IT for SME’s The IT Alliance are a group of nationwide partners that banded together to offer businesses high-quality, flexible support with a local touch. They are small enough to feel part of your team but backed by a bigger organisation and network of support. It doesn’t matter if your located in the Southland / […]

Proactive vs reactive IT management

Proactive vs Reactive IT Management

Proactive vs Reactive IT management How a proactive approach can save you money and mitigate risk Written by: Phil Strang – Technology Partners Do you find yourself so caught up in other areas of your business that you tend to only manage your IT when things go wrong or it becomes an absolute must? This is called reactive IT Management. […]

Strengthen your password policy

Strengthen your password policy

Strengthen your password policy The simple why and how of passwords for Kiwi SMEs. Small to medium size kiwi businesses are increasingly being targeted by unscrupulous hackers, and cyber-criminals which often leads to loss of confidential data, intellectual property and can result in considerable business disruption. Poor password security is one of the key methods these cyber-criminals use to gain […]

Managing your staff remotely

Managing Your Staff Remotely

Managing Your Staff Remotely. Written by: Delia Gill How to Make the Most Out of Working From Home! Due to recent world events, most people have now had the opportunity to try out working remotely in one way or another, especially those who work from Otago/Southland. It’s also been an opportunity to test out our IT systems when working from home […]

The Sharepoint Shakedown

The SharePoint Shakedown

The SharePoint Shakedown Let’s Pivot to remote work! But wait… how? Written by Linda Montgomery, Rob Facer & Chris Curran  – IT Center, Wanaka The environment in which we operate has significantly changed over the last few months. Businesses in [add your location here] have been driven to embrace remote working. There has been no better time to question the efficiency of your workflows […]

Microsoft Teams more than just video conferencing

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams More than just Video Conferencing There are plenty of options available for video conferencing at the moment, which has been extremely useful with many people working from home in the current environment. Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are some of the big names available – but did you know that Teams can also do much more than just […]

Be warned about Backups

Microsoft 365 Data Backup

Microsoft 365 Data Backup Written by: Peter Marshall – Voicecom Technologies  Why back up your Microsoft 365 data It’s fair to say that within the Southland business community, COVID-19 has really pushed our business into the cloud. Whilst Microsoft provides powerful services within Microsoft 365, it is important to note that comprehensive backup of your Microsoft 365 data is not […]

Secure your business for remote work

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication Secure Remote Work with Multi-factor Authentication COVID-19  has created an abrupt shift to remote work, putting pressure on the IT infrastructure of many Southland businesses. Although technology has allowed organisations to adapt quickly, usually this shift would require in-depth planning and risk analysis. The quick change to a virtual environment means potential weaknesses have encouraged cyber criminals to […]

Covid 19 and the future

Covid-19 and the Future

Covid-19 and the Future The big question on everyone’s mind is where to next? With the likelihood of us moving to Alert Level 3 in the foreseeable future, what does this look like for your business operations and what economic impacts will we be facing? An even bigger question is are we likely to progress down to Level 2 or could we potentially find […]