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By 9th July 20143CX

Secure your Mobile Devices & Corporate Data

Enforce a Strong Device Password Policy

Is the data on your mobile devices protected by a strong password policy? You will want to make sure all of your devices adhere to your corporate security policies. Applying a strict password policy to all those devices manually is not a good idea, especially if you have many of them, as it takes time and you cannot be sure that it won’t get changed by a user. With 3CX Mobile Device Manager, you can protect your mobile devices and corporate data by enforcing a strong password policy to all your connected devices. You can set the minimum password length, time lapse before a device auto-locks and the maximum number of failed password attempts before the device wipes its data, all in order to be sure that the policy remains in place.

Remote Lock to Avoid Losing Sensitive Data

Did you know that 10,000 phones are stolen each month in the UK alone? When a device is lost or stolen, the cost of replacing the device is the least of your worries. The sensitive corporate data that was on the device is exposed. Confidential information such as customer details, custom built apps and internal messages, is something that you can’t afford to lose or risk falling into the wrong hands. 3CX Mobile Device Manager allows you to remotely lock a lost device by sending an SMS in order to stop people accessing it, meaning your data stays secure even if the device isn’t connected to the internet.

Keep your Mobile Devices Free from Malware

Did you know that some apps contain malicious code that can compromise your mobile devices’ security? Some apps that have been downloaded from Google Play have been found to contain malware. These malware ridden apps are designed to send sensitive data, such as the devices’ unique ID number, to a server.

Avoid Exposing your Sensitive Data by Remotely Wiping your Device

Why risk the embarrassment of losing confidential information? With 10,000 phones being stolen each month in the UK alone, a lot containing sensitive corporate data, it’s good to know that 3CX Mobile Device Manager can remotely wipe your mobile device as well as any storage cards that belong to it. By reverting your device back to its factory defaults, you can avoid the legal ramifications of divulging confidential information

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