What is VoIP?

VoIP is just an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. This means that your traditional telephone service is being replaced by newer VoIP technology, that is delivered to you, over your broadband service. If you have broadband you can have VoIP.

What if I don’t have Broadband?

Yes, Voicecom can supply a broadband connection and your new VoIP phone line.

Is this easy to install?

Yes, installing VOIP is very easy. If you are going to use equipment supplied by Voicecom we can take care of that for you.

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, Voicecom will port your existing phone number or get another local number for you.

What is Number Porting and how does it work?

Number porting is a mechanism to move a specific telephone number from one network to another, like number portability on Cellular networks. For us to do this on your behalf you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your current service provider
  • The number you want to port including type eg. voice, fax, 0800
  • Your account number with your current provider
  • Your account name with your current provider
  • Any special instructions including details of linked numbers.
  • A preferred date for the port. Please note that we can only select AM and PM slots and that ports will only take place during business hours.

Once submitted your port will be processed and we will update you with an RFS (ready for service) date or advise you if there are any issues. *You should note that when a number is ported any associated service with the number could be disconnected, so you may need to check with the current service provider if you are unsure of the affect porting will have on any service you still require. Once the porting is complete, we recommend that you contact your previous service provider to ensure that you will no longer be billed for any of their services that you no longer require. If you have any linked numbers or stepper lines associated with the number you wish to port then please contact your current provider and ask for these to be detached from your number port or cancelled. You may also port these additional lines over to Voicecom if you wish. The porting process will fail if you port a number that is still linked to another number that is not being ported, which will cause further delays for the number transfer request.

*Commonly broadband connections are associated with a phone number, so these will be disconnected if the associated number is ported away. We are only able to port active numbers, so please do not request cancellation until the number port is complete.

Will my number still be in the phone book?

Yes, we can organise a free white pages listing for you if you are a residential customer.

If you are a business you need to ring Yellow 0800 803 803 with the following information:

    • You will need your company registration number if you are a company
    • Your business name, address and land line number
    • Whatever classification your business is eg forestry, plumbing
    • The online listing happens straight away but the local white pages directory cut-off date is march

What happens if I lose my internet connection or the power goes off?

We can setup your phone to automatically redirect to another number (e.g. your mobile) so you will not lose any incoming calls in the event of a power cut or if the internet goes down.

Can I use a cordless telephone?

Yes, you will be able to use your existing handset no matter if it’s corded or cordless, simply plug your handset into the telephone ports on the router we supply you with.

What if I have a monitored alarm system?

Some monitored alarm services will not work on a VoIP line unless you have special hardware and an alarm monitoring company setup to do this. Just check with your alarm system provider to ensure your alarm system can be connected to the internet.

What about faxing?

Yes, we can save you money and time by utilizing our fax to email service.

We have an eft-pos machine will that work?

Most new eft-pos machines have a network port and can be connected to the internet. Just check with your eft-pos provider to ensure it can be connected it to the internet.

What if we have a medical alarm or personal device?

Check with your medical alarm provider to see if it uses a telephone line or not and if it is compatible with VoIP.

Can I use the existing telephone jack points in my house?

Unfortunately no, not all of them can be used. We can supply you with a cordless phone solution if you need multiple phones.