Voicecom PBX

Move your Unified Communications (UC) and Telephony needs to a cost-efficient outsourced phone system from Voicecom.

Voicecom provides high-quality voice communications options within our hosted infrastructure. Through SIP and VoIP Voicecom can deliver lower cost calling plans to suit any organisation and unlike some providers we use the system ourselves.

Voicecom delivers calls via VoIP across your network, which allows clever options for business call management, including video conferencing, messaging, free calling between branches and advanced features for call centre environments.

The Voicecom PBX is cloud based and built on Open Source Technology.


Simple And Powerful User Interface

The user interface provides every feature needed for unified communications. All you need is a web browser. It is easy to use without installation.

  • WebRTC phone
  • Visual voicemail
  • Contacts and presence
  • Chat and messaging

Full-Featured Admin Interface

The web interface makes it easy to configure all the features your company requires.

No feature locks.

Everything you need is just a few clicks away.











Compatible with all SIP standard handsets

We have used most brands of SIP handsets over the years and prefer Fanvil IP phones for their feature sets and cost.

fanvil x3fanvil x4


fanvil x5fanvil x6


Talk to us today about how we can provide a cost effective solution for your company.