virtual faxVirtual Fax service combines traditional fax services with your email – fax to email. If you want to retain your existing dedicated fax number or even a faxability number then we can port that number to our network or we can always provide a new local number for you or even an 0800 fax number.

Number porting is a one off cost of $30.00

The service costs just $15.00 per month.

Voicecom’s fax service allows you to send and receive faxes through your email account. It can notify you on your smartphone or tablet at any time of the day if you are waiting for a time-sensitive document. These services save you the money you would normally spend on a land line, paper and a fax machine. Another benefit comes with the high level of security each online faxing service provides.

Need to replace the toner in your fax machine or worse yet need a new fax machine ?

Sick of keeping faxes in a separate place or having to photocopy them ?

Do certain staff need their own fax number ?

Send and receive multiple pages, receive multiple faxes at once, our service is ideal for a business with high faxing requirements.


All Pricing in NZ dollars, subject to change and not GST inclusive.


Talk to us about your requirements and we will make a plan to suit your business.