MyPBX IP Phone SystemMyPBX_U100

The MyPBX range of products from Yeastar have proven to be very reliable and very well priced.

The U100 and U200 are more suited for SME’s wanting to move from fixed line PSTN services to VoIP and have reasonably priced software applications to suit most businesses. The U300 could be used as an IP PBX for a larger company requiring PRI access or as a stand alone very well priced primary rate to sip gateway.

Asterisk based they are administrated via a web browser on the LAN or remotely via VPN or SSH. Designed to work with Yealink phones these systems will work with any standards based SIP phone and being asterisk based they will connect to IAX phones as well.  There is a flash based, 1U appliance to suit every business.

MyPBX U100 is a 1U rack mount model IP PBX for up to 100 users. Internally, it supports network access to ISDN BRI, PSTN, GSM/UMTS and VoIP.
High performance, stability and compatibility, combined with rich functionality make the MyPBX U100 perfectly suited for your business communications.



Add-ons for the U100-U300 systems

The add-ons for these systems are one off costs requiring no additional annual licensing fees – just get what you need when you purchase the or add more as required.

The Billing System caters for the growing need of billing solutions that can efficiently monitor calls and maintain a record of each call received/transferred by the IP-PBX. Billing System can charge and recharge extensions and conduct analysis on the basis of the calling statistics. Both prepaid and postpaid are supported. Flexible rate settings and detailed records make it extremely easy for an enterprise to monitor charges, spot misuse, and enhance efficiency. With the Billing System, call accounting is just a click away. 


The MyPBX Client is a windows based application coordinated with MyPBX that connects your PC and IP phones.

With MyPBX Client, you can perform various operations including:

  • check extension status
  • manage contacts, voicemails, and CDR of extension 
  • realize click-to-call and call popup
  • send instant messages between extensions
  • initiate a conference call
  • create a call task


The Hotel Module is designed for serviced motels and hotels. It could also be used for a Bed and Breakfast or similar business.

The features include:
  • Room Status,
  • Booking
  • Check In, Check Out
  • Wake up Call
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Mini Bar
  • Billing Report.


The Call Recording enables all your inbound and outbound phone calls to be recorded. Once set up, the system will detect all call conversations and record them automatically. The call recordings are saved in the folder you specify or can be stored in a USB device. You can access the recordings from your web browser or the MyPBX Client.