Once we have set this up and emailed you the login details for web access to your portal you can:Voicemail support

Set up your Virtual Voicemail message by phone

  • Login to your Portal
  • Click on the voicemail service tab
  • Write down what you want to say first – eg. “Welcome to Acme widgets. No one is available to take your call at the moment. Please leave a detailed message after the tone and we will return your call as soon as we can. Thanks for calling”
  • Select “Click here to record your Voicemail Unavailable message now” You will be prompted to enter a phone number. A dialog box will open and the system will call you on the number you have entered. Just leave the dialog box open for now. The system will tell you what message you are recording and when to start recording. Record your greeting/message and press # to save it then close the dialog box
  • Select “Call Diversion Timer (seconds to wait before diverting calls to Voicemail or forwarding number if setup)” Change this value to 0 if you want callers to get your message straight away.
  • Select “Send a copy of my voicemail messages to the following email address” and enter a valid email address
  • Save the options

Professional recordings

If you need a professional voice over we have a solution for you. Just let us know what you want said and we can send you the MP3 file for your confirmation.