Receiving faxesfax support

Faxes are sent to the email address you supply us with on your account. We set up fax@ourdomain so we know what the mails about straight away. If you want to do this just let us know. You should receive an email with an attachment and a subject that says “fax message received from” whoever sent it to you.

Sending faxes

Faxes must be saved as PDF, PS (postscript) or TIFF files and then sent as an attachment from your email client. You can convert a document to a PDF format for faxing, by using Cute PDF, currently a free download available here –

From your email client:

In the “To” field type the full fax number you are sending to, and then add, So, for example, it should look like – To:

In the “Subject” field type “fax” or add some extra details. So, for example, it should look like – Subject: Fax from mycompany about mystuff

Attach the file to your email and send. You will get an automated, time and date stamped reply, confirming either the fax has been sent successfully or there has been a problem.

*Our fax service doesn’t currently support color faxes. If you get a fax that has badly distorted content check with the sender to ensure there are no color components included like logos, pictures, etc.