Phones, Phone Systems & Unified Communications

“Mr. Watson..come here..I want to see you.”

The first telephone call by Alexander Graham Bell. March 10, 1876.

Phones are integral with businesses worldwide, whether they are Digital, IP, Analog, Cellular, WiFi, DECT, fixed line or connected to a PBX, they are everywhere.

We have been in the Telecommunications industry for quite some time now and as time goes by the technology around PBX’s, handsets and connectivity has changed but some things don’t. Cloud based PBX’s and VoIP providers have changed the way people think about their telephony hardware needs and costs and offer a no brainer alternative for home offices or small to medium businesses depending on what their needs are.

Over the years we have been involved with Hardware PBX vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic, Aria, Ericsson, Samsung for the small to medium enterprise and in the corporate space.

With VoIP technology being mainstream now the adoption of open standards with protocols like SIP has been huge. As far as telephony goes SIP has taken over from H323 and VoIP is slowly replacing ISDN as the preferred connectivity option.

In the last 10 years we have also been using Software based PBX products like Asterisk, 3CX and Freeswitch installed on server hardware. These products can be installed on various non proprietary hardware either on site or as a hosted or cloud based solution and each with varying functionality and pricing. Asterisk and Freeswitch are both open standards based and free open source products with a huge following internationally.

3CX, on the other hand, is a proprietary windows based product. However it does conform to most open standards and has an excellent tool set of windows based applications to compliment the telephony engine. Being open standards based, these software PBX’s are interoperable with any open standards based handset or application especially using SIP. There are literally hundreds of options and combinations now available with hybrid solutions where an Asterisk based PBX uses Cisco handsets or where 3CX, a windows product, works quite happily with linux or android based products and hardware.

The Yeastar MYPBX flash based appliance which runs asterisk is an excellent low cost IP phone system and is another example of an open standards PBX with no proprietary licensing.

Open standards is the way Telephony should be – period. However this has some implications on how handsets interact with either a software based PBX or a hardware based PBX and this is being highlighted by users who have converted to VoIP from their old proprietary system to find that some things just don’t work the same. A lot of this is just under selling by inexperienced VoIP sales staff and some of it is just a limitation of the hardware however if you have specific needs for your business telephony than you just need to talk to the right people.

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