Networking your computers together ensures your business will operate more efficiently. The network can be as large or small as you require, whether it is for your offices or temporary sites.


Data Cabling

We install all types of data cabling  from simple to extensive business systems, depending on the layout of your premises, how many devices you require on your network and if the devices are wireless.  We install a copper or fibre optic network system depending on your needs.

Wireless Data Links

We can supply, design, install and commission wireless data links from ‘across the street’ to ‘tens of kilometres’ to extend your business network to remote sites or to supply internet services to areas not currently covered by the telephone company.

We can provide temporary connections to seminars, conventions etc or job/construction sites.

Broadband and Data Connections

We can provide a total solution for connectivity to the internet via broadband services like VDSL and UFB or dedicated data links.


Once your network has been established you will need a firewall device to protect it from

Design and Consultation

Voicecom can provide consultation where necessary for any infrastructure you require. With our extensive experience we can guide you through the process from start to finish.


Contact us today to get started on your perfect solution.