Manage Mobile Apps

By 9th July 20143CX

Managing Mobile Applications

Managing mobile applications on many devices manually is an arduous and time intensive task. With 3CX Mobile Device Manager you can mass deploy corporate apps, remotely review installed apps, monitor for malware or inappropriate apps and remove apps all with a few mouse clicks.

Mass Deploy Apps to Groups of Devices

3CX Mobile Device Manager allows you to easily deploy apps to groups of devices. Define a set of apps that should be installed on all devices, or groups of devices – for example, a group based on a department. You can define apps present on Google Play or the Apple Appstore, or apps that are stored only on your 3CX MDM App Repository. You can also deploy APK files directly to mobile devices.

Monitor for Inappropriate Apps

Easily review the apps that are installed on all devices and quickly find inappropriate apps that might affect corporate productivity or simply waste data transmission charges. Pinpoint potential rogue apps and uninstall them with a single mouse-click.

Whitelist Apps

If you want to exercise full control of the apps installed on mobile devices, you can create a whitelist – specify the apps that can be installed. Any apps not on your whitelist will be automatically blocked by 3CX Mobile Device Manager.

Blacklist Apps

If there are particular apps you don’t want anyone installing, you can create a blacklist for the whole company, or for particular groups. 3CX Mobile Device Manager will block any attempted installations of the blacklisted apps and you will be alerted.

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