Voicecom IT Services

The first step is to understand where you are today in both business and technology terms. We will then work with you to understand your business plans and implement the best technical strategies and solutions that will meet your business goals.


We can remotely monitor your systems and identify most issues before they turn into problems.

In many cases, we manage your systems and resolve issues without having to visit your office, which saves you time and site fees.

We enjoy strong relationship’s with industry leading hardware and software suppliers and manufacturers.

As we specialise in looking after the needs of your business, when you need to purchase hardware or software, Voicecom will help you explore all the options to provide the right solution.

Primarily a Microsoft shop we use Open Source technologies where appropriate.

With our extensive expertise in Managed Network Services, we can help you understand the core elements driving your communications and implement a strategy to improve performance, capacity, and reliability.

This gives you regular technology upgrades and helps control cost, risk and complexity.

Our Network Services include:

  • Data Cabling
  • Wireless Data Links
  • Broadband and Data Connections
  • Managed Firewalls




In an on-premises environment, resources are deployed in-house and within an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. An enterprise is responsible for maintaining the solution and all its related processes.

Whether a company places its applications in the cloud or keeps them on premise, data security will always be paramount.

For those businesses in highly regulated industries, the decision might already be made for them as to whether to house their applications on premise or not.

Additionally, on-premise applications are reliable, secure, and allow enterprises to maintain a level of control that the cloud often cannot.

In a cloud computing environment, the question of ownership of data is one that many companies and vendors have struggled with. Data and encryption keys reside within your third-party provider, so if the unexpected happens and there is downtime, you maybe be unable to access that data.

Knowing your data is safely located within your in-house servers and IT infrastructure might also provide more peace of mind.

We recommend Hybrid solutions where a mixture of private cloud or On Premise and public Cloud technologies are integrated to suit the organisation. This can create economies of scale as workloads and staffing levels change.

Is your organization prepared for a disaster? A solid backup strategy is one of the key elements of being prepared.

Regular backups are vital insurance against a data-loss catastrophe.

All backup routines must balance expense and effort against risk. Few backup methods are 100-percent airtight — and those that are may be more trouble to implement than they’re worth.

Consider what data would be most essential to have at your fingertips in an unexpected scenario. If you lose Internet connectivity, online services will be unavailable. What information or files would be key as you wait to regain Internet connectivity (which will enable you to restore from an offsite backup)? Where will you store those files?

Our back up solutions include:

  • Veeam – Backup & Intelligent Recovery, DR Orchestration, Cloud Mobility, Copy Data Management, Monitoring & Analytics
  • Storagecraft – Data Protection, SaaS Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Converged Storage
We started out as a 5 person business in 2007 in Invercargill, and grew to over 30 staff throughout various regions of New Zealand. Peter and the Voicecom team worked with us from the very beginning and supported us in our rapid growth. From new employees, to high tech severs, and GIS systems for forestry. The team have never shown hesitation at any request. We are grateful for the team’s efficiency and attention towards our company and the staff’s ongoing needs. Having benefited from all services available from Voicecom, our phone system, IT requirements and website, Voicecom have always performed at the highest standard. Thanks for everything, team !