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By 9th July 20143CX

Find & Track Your Mobile Devices and Employees

3CX Mobile Device Manager’s powerful location tracking feature allows you to keep track of all your mobile devices and store complete location history for each device, helping you improve customer service and response time.

Location History

3CX Mobile Device Manager will not only store the current location of all your connected devices, but will also keep a detailed log of all the locations the device and employee have been. Location updates are triggered based on the time and distance traveled. For example, if a device moves more than 50 meters (configurable), a location update is logged. Locations are shown with their full address using Google Maps and only location changes are stored, avoiding excess data. Location History can be exported for further analysis and you can choose to collect location data via Wi-Fi, Mobile Network or GPS.

Turn Off Location History by Group

You are given complete control over which groups of devices have their location history stored, allowing you to exclude departments for which location history tracking is not appropriate. Furthermore, you can specify during which times you want to store location updates, and avoid collecting location updates outside work hours. This feature will be available in Q2 2013.


Supervise Staff Routes and Improve Customer Service

How many times has a customer called to ask when your member of staff will arrive to deliver a service or product? Avoid giving the customer vague answers and improve customer service by knowing exactly where your employees are and their estimated arrival time. When your customers need something urgently, respond quickly and send the nearest available staff member.

Send Directions to Your Employees

Make it easier for your employees to find their next destination by pinpointing the exact location of where you want them to go by sending them a message that shows the location on Google Maps.

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