.co.nz or .com?

By 2nd October 2013Domain Names

Businesses in New Zealand have the freedom to register a .co.nz or a .com domain name.

But – which is the best choice for your business?

Technically, there is no difference between the two, but in terms of how you want your business to be perceived internationally and within New Zealand you may want to weigh the options carefully.

A .com domain name is recommended for business targeting the international market. The advantage of a .com name is that most people outside of New Zealand are familiar with it, where the .co.nz extension is less familiar to international web users. International users are more likely to find it easier to remember a .com domain name as this is more familiar to them.


Finding a .com name can be difficult. Many of the shorter and more memorable names have already been taken. Do not stop if your company name is already taken. Think about the keywords people will use to find your company and the types of products you sell. Domain names with these keywords are often much easier to remember than a company name.


When targeting the New Zealand market, .co.nz is highly recommended. New Zealands like to feel like they are buying authentic New Zealand made. Do not stop with your company name – consider a domain name that describes your business or your products.


For many companies the best choice is to register multiple .com and a .co.nz domain names. This allows businesses to protect their company and brand names and focus various domains towards particular target markets.