Five top tips: Good working practices in the office

Five top tips: Good working practices in the office

Five top tips: Good working practices in the office There are so many easy things that you can do to ensure you keep good working practices either at home or in the office. Here are five top tips: 1) When to Reboot your computer: It is a well-known joke around the IT world, that support calls always begin with “have […]

Empowering your business with Teams 

Meet Northland Kindergarten Association: The Northland Kindergarten Association or NKA, has 25 kindergartens between Kaitaia in the Far North, to Ruawai in the heart of Kaipara. NKA were concerned about their IT setup, so they approached an IT Alliance member with the below key issues: They were running out of space on their server. Their system was out of date. […]

document management

Document Management – How to Save Time, Decrease Risk, and use what you already have!

Meet Quality Food Southland Meet Quality Food Southland or QFS for short. What started as a humble bakery and Café in the 1900’s by Annie C Miller, grew into New Zealand’s leading manufacturer in butter-based bakery products and sauces. They are the largest exporter of butter pastry in NZ. Up until a few years ago they were struggling with their […]

Document Automation

AVOID DOCUMENT DISASTER: Empowering your Business

The POWER Trifecta Solution for Document Automation The environment in which we operate has significantly changed. Businesses in New Zealand have been driven to embrace remote working. Every good business is constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve their efficiency, keep their costs down, and increase productivity and profit and decrease risk. What if we told you that you […]

Why you need a Password Management System

Why you need a Password Management System

With the increased need for security, and rising Cyber Security threats, it is imperative that all businesses have a strong password management system. 80% of data breaches are caused by weak, reused or stolen passwords A password management system is able to store encrypted passwords online making digital security accessible and simple for businesses to manage the passwords for all […]

The Christmas IT Checklist

2021 may be the Christmas that we all collectively exhale and exclaim “Thank goodness this year is over”. However, before you rush out the office door for Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, here are a few quick Christmas tips from our members at the IT Alliance, to ensure you have a relaxing Christmas break. Every season you’re going to need […]

WINDOWS 11. What you need to know now!

WINDOWS 11 – STOP THE BUS! So many of our clients around New Zealand have been asking us about Microsoft 11. “Should I upgrade?” “Should I wait?”. It’s new and everyone wants the latest and greatest right. In this case, however, it may be best to WAIT With most upgrades, updates are something to install as a matter of course. […]

Cyber Insurance – Do you need it

Cyber Insurance – Do you need it?

Cyber Insurance – Do you need it? Cyber Security is a very real threat to businesses in New Zealand these days. Here we look at Cyber Insurance, what it is, what the laws are and why you need it. Why do you need Cyber Insurance? Cyber attacks on businesses in New Zealand are increasing in both sophistication and frequency. High […]