Healthcare nonprofit empowers its people to improve processes, respond faster with Power Automate

Partners In Health (PIH) serves impoverished communities in 11 countries, bringing modern medical care to those most in need. To better support its global workforce and mission to deliver high-quality healthcare, PIH adopted #Microsoft Power Automate, using it to streamline internal processes, automate tedious tasks, and give every employee the ability to create flows that improve productivity. Access this customer story to learn how and why they did it.

How to adapt business processes quickly in times of disruption

Maintaining continuity of services and operations is a critical concern for nonprofits, especially in these unprecedented times where budget and resources are stretched. With low code automation, you can (1) connect your legacy and modern systems fast and seamlessly. (2) Uncover key insights hidden within data using AI capabilities. (3) Free people up to focus their attention on more strategic work. Access the e-book now, and contact Voicecom Technologies for more information.

3 Ways Microsoft Teams Streamlines Business Collaboration

A leading collaboration and communication platform since its introduction in 2017, #Microsoft Teams is an anywhere-anytime-everywhere hub for all of your team’s needs, including workspace chat, videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration. Access this article to learn more about how Teams can help your organization!

IT strategy: Driving efficiency through low-code app development

As an IT professional, you are in the eye of the digital transformation “storm,” often with limited resources. From network maintenance to app development, compliance and security to systems integration, your work is important to many parts of your organization.

Learn how to reduce costs and increase the agility of your IT resources and discover why leaders are turning to low-code app development platforms. Access the e-book now!

Mobile collaboration with the Malteser aid organization

In order to streamline volunteer access and processes, as well as meet security and privacy compliance, one German nonprofit realized it needed to modernize. Malteser Verbund aid organization opted to augment their private cloud with a public cloud solution based on #Microsoft 365. Access their compelling story and learn how this solution inspired other nonprofit organizations in their region.

The DIY guide to building your first business app

You might think that building apps would require teams of developers to write the code line by line. In the past, it would have. But today, with an innovative approach known as “low-code” development, you can build them yourself.

With Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, you can rapidly automate processes and build custom apps to meet your needs. These solutions connect to a wide range of data sources for maximum flexibility, including Office 365 and SharePoint. Learn how to turn your ideas into apps with no coding experience required. Access the e-book now.

3 ways you can ensure secure, productive remote work for your nonprofit

Secure work is productive work. With the right technology approach, you can protect data, devices, and applications, minimize the impact of security on your staff, and simplify IT. Access this infographic to learn three ways to ensure secure and productive remote work for your nonprofit. Contact Voicecom Technologies  for more information.